Thursday, November 13, 2008

Master Cleanse, Day 3

The laxative tea bothered me last night with some cramping throughout the night. That's to be expected with senna leaf tea, but I usually don't have much of a problem with it. I have been alternating using Traditional Medicinals' Smooth Move tea with Triple Leaf Tea's Herbal Laxative tea. Both are senna leaf blends.

I didn't have to wait for the salt water flush to need the bathroom in the morning, either. Still, being one to want to do things "to the letter" when I really want them to succeed, I still drank my salt water like a good girl (blech!)

Today I was given a bit of a reprieve from all the cravings. My mood was much better and I managed to do a small bit of work, too. Lost another 1/2 lb. It still delights me that I can actually lose weight while not smoking. Only the Master Cleanse or a mostly raw diet (more than 75%) allows me to do that. Otherwise, I immediately gain about 30 lbs. trying to stop smoking.

Same thing with menopause - only the Master Cleanse or raw diet work to keep my weight from spinning out of control. As mentioned yesterday, I weighed 20 lbs. more when I first started all of this last February. And all 20 lbs of it (and more) was gained from menopause. I'm so happy to see it go!

I took the shortest of walks today, just to do errands and socializing. My sense of smell is more sensitive. The smell of pizza downtown was pungent and tantalizing, but I was feeling strong and happy to have come this far. I was thinking that if food was tempting, television would be tough with all the food commercials. I'm glad I don't watch TV. It makes everything easier.

As a closing thought ... I noticed a nice glow to my skin this morning. :)

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