Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Master Cleanse, Day 1

All items for the Master Cleanse

Well, I have survived Day 1! Last night, I went to bed with my senna tea, content in the knowledge that I was about to clean up my system and get back on track.

First thing this morning, it was out to the kitchen to prepare a quart of salt water. I cannot tell you how little I enjoy participating in this part of the cleanse, but it is very effective. The idea is that the laxative tea at night kind of agitates the intestines. Then, in the morning, the salt water flush washes everything out.

The salt water is prepared with sea salt - 2 level TEAspoons mixed in 1 quart of lukewarm spring water. That proportion of salt to water is close enough to the density as blood that the kidneys are tricked into allowing the salt water to go right through your system rather than causing you to retain water.

The quart of sea salt water should be consumed all at once. Try to drink it down within 5-10 minutes. (It does get a little easier to drink after awhile.) It is extremely important that you drink the salt water first thing in the morning - on a completely empty stomach!! You may vomit or be nauseous if you eat anything first.

Immediately following the salt water wash, I made and drank my first glass of lemonade - partly to get the taste out of my mouth, and partly to help speed up the process.

After sitting around for about an hour, waiting for something to happen, I felt a bit of intestinal rumbling and knew it was time to grab a good book and head for the bathroom. I must have spent the better part of an hour in there. Phew!

One thing is certain - if you work outside of your home, start the cleanse on the weekend so you will know what to expect on Monday! It could save you some agony and possible embarrassment at work.

The lemonade is made with 2 oz. of fresh-squeezed lemon, 2-oz. of grade B maple syrup, 1/10th of a teaspoon (a pinch) of cayenne pepper and 8 oz. of spring water. Being allowed 6-12 glasses of lemonade per day, I drank 8 the first day, plus a couple glasses of water, plus a cup of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is allowed occasionally to keep things from getting too boring. I like it because it can be drunk hot and I tend to be cold on this cleanse.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good day, though challenging. I did, in fact, crave cigarettes, but managed to get through it mostly alright, albeit with some raging irritation. I was also hungry around dinnertime and stayed hungry the rest of the evening. That should pass in a day or two.

I kept reminding myself that during detox, symptoms often disappear immediately after the next morning's elimination. So if I can just hang in there for a couple of days, I will feel much better.

The bedtime laxative tea and salt water flush should be performed every day. For those who have a genuine problem drinking the salt water, another cup of laxative tea can be taken in the morning, but the salt water is a superior method.

Oh! I forgot to mention yesterday that one of the reasons I am doing this cleanse now is that I caught a bad cold that I can't seem to shake. Even after 3 days in bed, it was still nasty. My husband noticed that my sickness seemed to go away throughout the day today. The congestion and thickness just vanished.

Not that today was horrifying or anything, but I really do hope that tomorrow will be easier.

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