Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Master Cleanse, Day 2

Ahhh! Day 2 is complete! It was easier than day 1, but still a little rough. I woke up earlier than usual, drank my salt water, took a shower, then rolled back into bed for about an hour - that is, until the salt water flush took effect!

The miracle of the disappearing cold seemed to be untrue in the morning. I must have sneezed at least a dozen times and coughed up a bunch of phlegm, but after going back to bed, it all seemed to go away for the rest of the day.

My tongue has that white coating that is a sign of detoxification. My weight has gone down 1/2 lb. Weight loss is not a goal this time around. I am 20 lbs. lighter than when I began my first cleanse last February and this is a good weight for me. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 119 lbs. I am 5'3" tall and 57 yrs. old, so I'm comfortable with my size, but a 5-10 lbs. loss would be fine, too.

I'm more interested in quitting smoking without gaining weight and clearing out my digestive tract so that foods are more quickly assimilated and eliminated.

With that in mind, I'm happy to say that I have managed to get through the second day without caving in. The cravings are manageable, but I feel lazy and unfocused. I spent the day procrastinating and never did complete my obligations. Hopefully, I will have more ambition tomorrow.

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